Tech Industry Top 100


36 year old Cassandra has been named to several “star” lists recently due to her prominent role and influencer status as a social media expert.  She is really fulfilled with her career and traveling is her favorite hobby.  Her main employer’s stock, benefits package and likely upcoming IPO are complicated.  She has a few big decisions to make on how much IPO stock to request, wants to understand the financial implications of her influencer contracts and how to invest the cash that has been accumulating from her last liquidity event.  Some of her friends use Robo-advisors, but they won’t meet her more complex planning and advice needs.


  • Establish life goals and how to get her wealth working best to meet those.
  • Find a trusted financial partner to rely on for advice and to manage investments so she can stay focused on her core strengths and priorities.
  • Have her many investment accounts consolidated and planned according to her needs
  • Continue to travel and access most services and experts virtually.
  • Become educated on best practices in negotiating financial aspects of her contracts or have an expert to assist as needed.


  • Her family does not talk much about money. Nearly all she has learned about finances has been from friends and colleagues who are really not financial experts.
  • The calls and messages from financial salespeople have really turned her off. They are always hosting long dinners about retirement or the stock market outlook.
  • The mentor she most respects recommended a wealth manager but after the consultation the firm seems focused on investment management, but not as much of the personal CFO type services she needs.


ROI of Life can partner with Cassandra through our ongoing Prosperity Planner Service and Wealth Management.  No matter where her travels take her business can be done virtually with a targeted annual live strategy session.  As complexities arise her personal CFO will be ready to advise on her equity, benefits and contract inquires.

All scenarios and names mentioned are hypothetical examples and have been created for educational purposes. Any resemblances are co-incidental.
The information presented should not be used as the basis for specific investment advice.