Hannah & Kayne

Newly Engaged


Kayne met his fiancé, Hannah, on a trip two years ago.  They are best friends and enjoy many hobbies together.  Recently Kayne proposed marriage and Hannah moved into his condo and sold her condo.  It seemed like the right thing to do after 2 years of a happy relationship.  Kayne hasn’t brought up much financially yet and Hannah seems a bit guarded on those topics except for an awareness of some family real estate properties she is involved in.  Its become awkward figuring out who pays for what.  Kayne thinks perhaps having his ex-girlfriend as his financial planner could be part of the issue.


  • Provide an objective & non-confrontational forum to understand each other’s finances
  • Transition Kayne’s advisory relationship from his ex-girlfriend
  • Discuss goals and dreams with financial plans to achieve them
  • Discuss options for their future financial management (shared vs separate accounts, prenup, etc)
  • Determine how to handle Hannah’s interest in family real estate being gifted each year.


  1. Hannah is close with her parents and manages some of their real estate portfolio. Hannah’s brother has hinted to Kayne that “what is in the blood stays with blood”.
  2. Kayne has plans to take off for a year long MBA program and he isn’t sure how to approach this topic financially
  3. They are both quite independent and seem to both want some financial autonomy within the marriage


Hannah and Kayne can engage ROI of Life to facilitate these conversations and transitions for them.  There are several projects including setting up a routine financial operating process and account structures that will work for them.  The second is creating a new financial plan together.  A third may involve the financial aspects of a pre-nup agreement given the family wealth involved and/or Kayne’s educational plans.

All scenarios and names mentioned are hypothetical examples and have been created for educational purposes. Any resemblances are co-incidental.
The information presented should not be used as the basis for specific investment advice.