Entrepreneur Single Mom


Sunny is 39 years old and the founder of a high growth internet marketing firm with revenues approaching $25M annually.  She has 2 children and was recently divorced.  Outside of business Sunny is spending time searching for a new home, enjoys Pilates, cheering on the kids at swim meets and serving on the regional abuse shelter board of directors.


  • Ensure her family and business are in great financial health
  • Have a trusted advisor to formulate/review personal plans, goals and business performance
  • Create a financial plan that includes post-divorce matters including beneficiary updates, estate and risk considerations now that she’s a single parent.
  • Focus on her top priorities and have investments managed by a professional.


  • Sunny has been very focused on the business and recently the divorce. The majority of her net worth in the business.  She realizes the need to setup personal safeguards and diversify further.
  • She previously had most insurances through her former spouse, does not have life or disability insurances and feels really uninformed on what is needed. The Operations Director of her firm has also obtained quotes for several healthcare options for the business and they are both unsure which option(s) are best for the company/personally.
  • She is unclear on what type of accounts to use for savings, investing and goals such as college savings.


Through our Prosperity Planner service Sunny can create a financial life plan outlining her priorities, risks, goals and implementation steps. Being newly single again she also has an objective advisor to brainstorm challenging decisions confidentially that understands the dynamics of being an executive single parent.  Sunny is quite busy and likely to appreciate the flexibility of working virtually most of the time.

All scenarios and names mentioned are hypothetical examples and have been created for educational purposes. Any resemblances are co-incidental.
The information presented should not be used as the basis for specific investment advice.