Ongoing Services

Signature Service:

Prosperity Life Planner

If you are looking for ongoing comprehensive planning and access to a personal CFO this for you!  We serve as your guide through a life planning framework and follow with an aligned and custom financial plan.  Goals and financial areas are reviewed and refreshed on a rolling basis thereafter.  You can focus on other priorities having a trusted advisor on your team watching progress, keeping you accountable and available for financial consultations.

Investment Portfolio Services

Investment advisory and management services is a more common offering provided by financial advisors. ROI of Life uniquely creates a portfolio strategy aligned with goals from your financial life plan. This service includes risk assessment, review of existing assets, recommended investment types and allocations. As appropriate business stock holdings, real estate or other alternatives can be part of the portfolio analysis. For routine investments of busy professionals, we generally recommend passive, low-fee strategies.

Real Time Services

Power Session:

On demand financial advice and 2nd opinion checks

This service is available on short notice scheduled virtually without the hassle of long contracts or commitments.  Examples may include:

  •  You are reviewing company benefits and unsure which choices to make.
  • A family member has been pursuing selling insurance to you.  You don’t want to offend them, but need an objective opinion whether it’s right for you?
  • You were offered a promotion requiring relocation and wish to examine the financial considerations of this decision.
  • Should I refinance my mortgage?
  • Want a financial review of draft divorce settlement before presenting at an upcoming mediation.


Project & Specialty Services

Projects and One-time Plans

Not ready to commit to ongoing planning yet but want to start with a one-time plan?  Need solid advice in our areas of expertise but you usually do most of the planning and investing yourself?  Book a complimentary consultation to see how ROI of Life may serve your needs or for short projects consider booking a Power Session.

Financial Coaching

Unsure where to start, want tips to manage our own money, prefer to change some habits before doing a full financial plan?  Or maybe you are getting married and want a facilitator for money conversations with your fiancé?  A coaching package lasting a few months may be for you. 

Business Consulting

Do you want a better understanding of financial statements or key performance indicators of your business or that of your employer?  Is Finance not your area of experience yet everyone assumes you just know it?  Do you find yourself at executive or board meetings having a difficult time following the financial conversations?  Do you wish you had an objective business advisor to bounce ideas off of?

Divorce, Prenup, Postnup Planning

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA, is a financial advisor who specializes in divorce. Having experience in divorce a CDFA can also advise you on prenup or postnup financial questions.

After seeing so many people go through painful divorces, sometimes you just need a trusted advisor as a guide who is experienced in the divorce process, is objective about the situation and is in your corner. Someone who can help you navigate complicated decisions during the process.

Divorce is a new beginning. In working with you I want to make sure that you make the right decisions today that will put you in the best position for your future. I believe people getting divorces should thrive, not just survive.

You may be wondering what a CDFA does that an attorney does not? Some family law firms have experiences and resources to support financial analysis & planning and others do not. As you go through your process consider the complexity of your situation, needs for financial support and discuss this with your attorney. Some of the questions we can help answer are:

  1. Can I keep my business and buy out my spouse?
  2. Can I afford to keep the family home and the vacation home?
  3. What are possible settlement scenarios considering the majority of our assets are tied up in less liquid assets such company stock, retirement plans and real estate?
  4. What should I have in place being single again to ensure my kids are taken care of?
  5. Can you coach me on managing our finances now that I’ll be single? While I’m a successful Marketing Executive I have not been involved in the routine investing or money management of our family and I need to become independent.
  6. What are best practices to consider in sharing of kids expenses and settlements in my situation?

Plan Process and Components